Samardha Jungle Resort

About Us

About Us

The Samardha Jungle Resort is situated around 20 kilometres out of Bhopal, in a place populated solely with forests and natural wonders. It offers a very tranquil atmosphere for your retreat from the hectic city bustle by offering birdsongs for alarm and fresh breeze for morning meditation. The experimental alchemists that created this resort threw in elements in this jungle resort near Bhopal to take care of all kinds of people – the lazy ones, the hyper ones, the sporty ones, the trekking lovers, the eco-friendly cyclists, the pool-fishes, the foodie gluttons – you name it.

The forest begins just at its rim, housing a variety of deciduous trees that are hard to find and spot inside the main city. With jungle trees coming into the picture, birds like jungle babblers, parakeets, bee-eaters, drongos, etc. start flying into vision. Perhaps, carrying binoculars and a bird guide would be a good idea. And of course, a pair of sports shoes so you can try out the many attractions and activities on offer here at this adventure place near Bhopal.

The resort itself sits at a vantage point that allows a clear view of the natural scenery. The meditative serenity needed for relaxation comes naturally to this hermitage, which keeps you well away from the city noise. SJR is perfect place for a day outing near Bhopal when your brain-chip has overheated with work overload. SJR is also an interesting party venue in Bhopal to plan spectacular celebrations and memorable events. And SJR is the right choice for a corporate conference or meeting – give our totally mind-blowing meeting hall in Bhopal.

In short, Samardha Jungle Resort is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a luxury resort in Bhopal for peace and rejuvenation. Make your reservations today!

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