Welcome to SJR

Surprising luxury amidst the elegance of nature

Situated about 20 kilometres out of Bhopal, in a place populated solely with forests and natural wonders, our luxury resort in Bhopal offers a tranquil atmosphere to relax and unwind away from the maddening crowds of the city. Here, you wake up to bird songs for alarm and enjoy a fresh morning breeze for meditation. Here, you are treated to sumptuous food for sustenance and frolic amidst nature for fun. Here, you chill out in a pool and watch the evening sunset with a cup of invigorating tea in your hand. SJR is the place you choose when you are looking to create memories worth remembering!

Experiences at SJR

The experimental alchemists that created this luxury resort in Bhopal threw in elements to take care of all kinds of people – the lazy ones, the hyper ones, the sporty ones, the trekking lovers, the eco-friendly cyclists, the pool-fishes, the foodie gluttons – you name it.